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ABLS General Information

The American Burn Association is proud to offer educational resources for the Emergency Care of burn patients.

Advanced Burn Life Support (ABLS) programs provide knowledge for immediate care of the burn patient up to the first 24 hours post injury. ABLS programs support emergency preparedness, mass casualty incidents focusing on triage, burn survivability, prioritizing transport of patients and patient treatment.

The American Burn Association offers three ABLS program options:

ABLS Provider Course Live© - Live, hands-on course designed to provide the "how-to" of emergency care of the burn patient.

ABLS Now© - Convenient online course providing burn injury training and education for busy first responders and health care providers.

ABLS Handbook© - The go-to-reference guide for comprehensive information on immediate care through the first 24 hours post burn injury.

ABLS education helps first responders and health care providers learn how to:

  • Assess severity of the burn injury
  • Provide appropriate treatment
  • Determine need for transfer to a burn center

Questions? Send Email to zemelko@ameriburn.org or call 312-642-9260.