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About the Program
The International Outreach Program is a joint program between the American Burn Association and Children's Burn Foundation. Currently, there are two permanent burn care programs established: Christian Medical College in Lidhiana, India, as well as St. Francis Medical Center in Katete, Zambia. The ABA and CBF are investigating other sites in Central America in hopes of establishing an additional program which will offer adequate geographical diversity to its program portfolio.

Team membership usually includes a physician, a nurse and a therapist. Trip duration is generally two weeks.

Information regarding upcoming trips and requests for volunteers will be posted in the ABA newsletter and on the ABA web site. Those interested in participating in this program should contact the ABA main office at kiley@ameriburn.org.

Volunteer Application

Click above to download a copy of the program volunteer application.

Please fax or email your completed application to the American Burn Association at kiley@ameriburn.org or 312-642-9130.

You will be contacted once your application is reviewed.