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Click here to view Prevention Poster winners from past ABA meetings.

The following prevention programs were developed for community education and outreach initiatives with the support of a grant from the US Fire Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security, with funds appropriated by the US Congress under the Assistance to Firefighters Act (Fire Prevention and Safety Grants).

The prevention topics were selected after a review of scientific literature regarding burn injury epidemiology and in consultation with prevention educators, firefighters, researchers and burn care providers. Each program includes general background information, fact sheets, PowerPoint presentations and presenter scripts that can easily be implemented at the local level. An introduction and overview of burn injury, along with guidelines for working with the public and the media, are also included to assist in educational initiatives.

To quickly view and assess the presentations, use the "View PowerPoint Presentation" link. If you wish to download the presentation, click on the "Download PowerPoint Presentation" link. Be aware that these files may be large and may take some time to download.

Scald Injury Prevention
Electrical Safety
Fire/Burn Safety for Older Adults
Leaving Home Safely
Gasoline Safety
Summer Burn Safety