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What do I do if my child is playing with fire? 
A child’s interest in fire, matches and lighters is often a cause of concern for parents, guardians and teachers for the risk they possibly pose to both themselves and those around them.  If you are aware of a child that is involved in any type of fire behavior, you need to speak to someone at your local burn center or fire department.  There are numerous educational and behavioral intervention programs available throughout the country that address this problem.  If you are unable to obtain the help you need, please contact Jennifer Radics-Johnson, MBA, CFRE at jradics@aarbf.org for further assistance.

What does the American Burn Association (ABA) do to teach fire/burn safety and prevention?
The ABA has created programs in many areas of burn prevention including senior safety, scalds, summer and holiday burns, electrical and gasoline safety, and for those leaving home for the first time.

What kinds of materials are provided by the ABA?
Powerpoint presentations, educator handbooks and fact sheets can be used to increase and promote burn prevention.

Who should use these programs?
Parents, teachers, fire and life safety educators, and individuals can use these products to learn and teach about burn prevention and safety.

Are these fact sheets and programs available in languages other than English?
Yes. At this time, the specific programs are available in Spanish. To view and download these presentation, visit the Education Resources page of the Prevention section of the ABA web site at http://www.ameriburn.org/preventionEdRes.php.