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Online Verification System 1.0

Effective September 30, 2015 all burn centers going through the ABA Verification process will be moving to the new online Verification System. Burn center users will be required to complete the pre-review questionnaire, case summaries, and upload all appendices to this new online system.

Once complete site reviewers will complete their site report within the online system. Upon final completion of the site report and committee review, the burn center will have access to their site report through the online system.

Click here to access the Online Verification 1.0 Benefits sheet.

Click here to access the Online Verification 1.0 Step-by-Step and FAQ’s.

Once a burn center has submitted their application for a site visit they can click on this link to access their online burn center site. The burn center administrator will be provided a login username and password to access the site. Once in the system there will be a listing of instructions for the various tabs the user has access to.

Click here to access the Online Verification System 1.0 Login Page

View an online video tutorial of the online verification system