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Verification Step by Step

1. Materials Request
Burn Centers interested in verification or re-verification should send a formal request to the American Burn Association either by email to zemelko@ameriburn.org or (312) 642-9260. Please include contact and mailing information. A packet of materials including a copy of the pre-review questionnaire, information on requirements for verifications, a site visit agenda, and an application form will be sent out upon receipt of the request. Centers should send this request well before their current verification expires to avoid any lapse in verified status.

2. Site Visit Application
Those institutions who wish to apply for verification should send in a completed copy of the application for site visit along with payment to the ABA Central Office. The application includes the date parameters for your site visit and allows Central Office staff to begin scheduling the visit. After selecting site visitors and confirming their availability, the ABA will send an email confirming the date of the visit to the site visit coordinator.

3. Pre-Review Questionnaire
Meanwhile, the burn center should be completing the pre-review questionnaire (PRQ) and appendices. This document can now be completed online and must be submitted one month before the visit takes place. The Case Summaries are included in the online PRQ: burn centers must submit all recent deaths during the previous twelve months, fiscal or calendar year; five recent –non fatal complications demonstrating QI and Loop Closure during the previous twelve months, fiscal or calendar year; and transfers to other burn care facilities and other acute care facilities for the past three calendar years. Once the ABA Central Office receives notification that the PRQ has been submitted the reviewers will be notified that the questionnaire, appendices, and case summaries are available for review.

4. Additional Site Visit Information
Letters containing site visit details like site reviewers contact information and a list of what documentation will be needed for a successful visit will be sent to the hospital one month before the visit takes place. The hospital is responsible for arranging airport pickup and hotel accommodations for the reviewers.

1. Pre-Review Dinner
The burn center should schedule an informal dinner the night before the visit attended by all attendings caring for patients in the burn center, the Nurse Manager(s) and the administrator most directly responsible for the burn center. Here, the reviewers will be able to go over questions they had with burn center personnel in an informal environment.

2. Formal Review
The formal visit and review take place the next morning. This meeting will include an introductory meeting, a tour of the burn center, rounds and chart review, followed by an exit interview, usually ending by no later than 1:00 pm. Please note: Pending reviewer’s travel arrangements, it may be requested that chart reviews begin on the day before the review, prior to the pre-review dinner. Please make arrangements to accommodate this request should it be made.

1. Visit Report
Site reviewers prepare the site visit report online including their comments and a recommendation, then submit the online report to the ABA Central Office. The ABA Central office reviewers it again, then it is open to the full Verification Review Committee for comments and approval.

2. Re/Verification Notification
Upon committee approval of the report, the hospital is notified of the re/verification by letter. The online report is open up for the hospital to review. In the case that there are issues with the verification which need to be addressed, or if a focused review needs to be scheduled, that information will be outlined in the letter.

3. Plaque
A plaque is ordered and sent to the hospital along with publicity materials.

The entire verification process takes three to six months.

For more information about Burn Center Verification or to request a packet of materials, please contact Alice Zemelko at zemelko@ameriburn.org.